Willy A. Saint-Hilaire is a Certified Fraud Examiner that specializes in Corporate Fraud and Business Law. He is also an entrepreneur forming a publicly traded company where he is the President/CEO.

Mr. Saint-Hilaire joined Reliance Law Firm as an associate to disrupt the current pervasiveness of fraud in Corporate America. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the world's largest anti-fraud training credential has granted Mr. Saint-Hilaire the CFE certification after passing a rigorous examination that met stringent criteria of a set of skills that every fraud analyst must possess. The CFE credentials demonstrate knowledge in four areas critical to the fight against fraud: Fraudulent Financial Transactions, Fraud Prevention and Deterrence, Legal Elements of Fraud, and Fraud Investigation.

CFEs have the ability to: examine data and records to detect and trace fraudulent transactions; interview suspects to obtain information and confessions; write investigation reports; advise clients as to their findings; testify at trial; understand the law as it relates to fraud and fraud investigations; and identify the underlying factors that motivate individuals to commit fraud. CFEs on six continents have investigated more than 1 million suspected cases of civil and criminal fraud.

Prior to being part of Reliance Law Firm Mr. Saint-Hilaire obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in December 2019 after separation as a services member from the United State Marine Corp and he is currently attending to Arizona State University pursuing a Law Degree at Sandra O’ Connor College of Law. He is enrolled in the Master of Human Resources and Employment Law with a Business Law concentration.

Mr. Saint-Hilaire’s emphasis is to provide full service to individuals and enterprises that have been victimized by fraud. As a corporate fraud analyst with a significant degree of understanding of the public markets, Reliance Law Firm can produce high-level experiences for their clients.

Mr. Saint-Hilaire is a native Spanish speaker and intermediate in French.

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