Reliance Law Firm specializes in FINANCIAL INJURY LAW. We accept cases involving any type of Injury, from Auto Accidents to Dog Bites. However, we also have a unique focus and expertise involving injuries incurred due to Fraud. We have a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Willy A. Saint-Hilaire, who manages our Injury law practice.
If you have been defrauded by others, through investments or false pretense, and have incurred significant financial injury and loss, Reliance Law Firm may be able to help. Financial fraud is a widespread problem causing billions of dollars in loss every year. Tort law is involved in every Injury case. Few law firms are equipped, in-house, to take on financial injury cases.
Fraud investigations are required to support the client’s claimed financial injuries and losses. This can be an arduous, difficult undertaking, requiring many hours of determined research and follow-through, in order to build a robust case.
Businesses and individuals can be harmed by the tortious conduct and acts of fraud committed by others. Proving fraud is not easy. In addition to proving fraud, proximate and legal causation must also be shown regarding the resulting harm and injury.
Expert witnesses may be necessary in some cases. Reliance Law Firm may utilize scientists, physicians, engineers and forensic accountants and other specialists, if needed, to build and develop a successful case against a tortious wrongdoer.
Do not allow injuries of any type ruin your life, business or well-being. Contact Reliance Law Firm as soon as possible, to talk with a specialized professional. We also provide Second Opinions regarding other Injury and accident cases.