Life Resource Planning is a unique approach to solving the challenges of aging. Instead of initially focusing on products and services, the Life Resource Planning approach, is a solutions-based approach to uncover problems the client currently has or will experience in the future.
The Life Resource Planning Philosophy consists of helping aging seniors and their families prepare for their later years by planning for long term care, accessing government benefits, finding sources of funding, setting aside money for death benefits, preserving assets, and preparing for the possibility of Medicaid.
The system consists of sophisticated online software to help families identify all of the challenges facing their aging loved ones. This Life Resource Survey opens the door for multiple planning opportunities for aging seniors and their children. By using this comprehensive planning Survey approach, the client will have the opportunity to access services and products from a large group of professionals and companies in the community who serve seniors.

An aging senior is an older individual who will shortly be or who is currently experiencing the challenges of aging. These challenges might include loss of independence, developing dementia or Alzheimer's, having disabling conditions or diseases, experiencing dwindling income and assets or dealing with general feebleness of old age. Only those families who have been through these challenges of aging understand the issues which include the overwhelming burden of caregiving, finding and contacting a multitude of fragmented community services, being under intense stress over the welfare of loved ones and finding monetary resources to purchase services and products necessary to support their aging loved ones.

The Life Resource Report Survey identifies 29 different planning different recommendations in 5 categories:
1. Family decisions relating to the need for long-term care.
2. Legal arrangements and decisions relating to end-of-life.
3. Family decisions related to preservation of assets and the need for Medicaid.
4. Family decisions related to financial issues.
5. Potential veterans benefits to increase income.
As an experienced attorney, Certified in Life Resource Planning and a member of the Society for Life Resource Planning, my approach to Estate Planning and Asset Protections Planning is usually preceded by Life Resource Planning for the client.
This is more than traditional Estate Planning. Some clients may prefer and appreciate this level and type of professional service.