Thousands of veterans forsake or overlook their rightful VA benefits.

VA Disability Law is complex, requiring a determined long-term effort to uncover medical impairments related to prior military service. A review of and legal representation regarding your Veterans benefits by a VA Accredited Attorney or Claims Agent can further your valid claim for justified VA benefits.
No upfront legal or consulting fees are required or allowed in your initial application for VA benefits. In fact, your initial application for VA benefits, by law, must be provided free of charge to the Veteran.
Reliance Law Firm has a referral network of nonprofit VA Advocates who can provide qualified Veterans assistance, free of charge, in their initial application for Veterans benefits.
In the event and upon denial of VA benefits, a VA Accredited Attorney can assist and represent a qualified Veteran regarding their VA benefits claims. Legal fees are usually an allowed percentage of VA benefits retroactively obtained.
It is also wise and prudent to retain a licensed, knowledgeable and experienced attorney with related non-VA issues, such as Life Resource Planning, Asset Protection Planning, Estate Planning, Tax Planning, IRS compliance, and many other non-VA benefits legal and financial planning issues.
As an experienced licensed Attorney, Certified in Life Resource Planning, with certification in Financial Planning, we have the requisite experience to assist clients in a wide range of legal, financial, and life resource issues. We can also refer clients to specialists dedicated to assisting clients with a particular care planning need.
At Reliance Law Firm, we help veterans with their applications and appeals for the military benefits and services they’ve earned. To schedule a consultation, call 702-205-3500 or contact us online.